Create employee accounts quickly on

...and more!

Features & Benefits

  • Fast account creation across apps
  • Fast account deletion across accounts for old employees
  • Dashboard for managing all app accounts from one place
  • Integration with all the apps your team uses

How it Works

Creating multiple accounts for a new employee across platforms is a breeze.


Create an Account

Signup in a few clicks with your existing Google account.


Connect Apps

In a few clicks, connect OnBoardMe with your other accounts on Slack, GitHub, and so on.


Add an Employee

Add your employee's email, and check the accounts to create. Click submit and hold on to your seat as the employee's accounts get created.

Get Notified

OnBoardMe is currently in the private pre-alpha stage of development. Sign up to be notified when it's ready, and to optionally be a part of the planning process for the final product.

About The OnBoardMe Team

We're a handful of designers and developers from Echobind, a software consultancy. We're working on OnBoardMe to make it easier to manage all of our own app accounts, and hopefully make it easier for you as well.


Mike Cavaliere

Product Manager & Engineer


Ashley Nelms

Project Manager & Engineer


Michael Dang

UI/UX/Web Designer


Kory Tegman

Software Engineer


Joe Previte

Software Engineer

Find Out More

  • Curious about OnBoardMe? Drop us a line!
  • 1 Dock 72 Way, Brooklyn, NY 11205